So far Domi and Zainab have traveled with their Love Bug through 46 countries. One of those countries was Iran, which was a fascinating experience. They were provided with a military/police style escort for the duration of their Iranian travels. Without any doubts, they became the first couple to drive across that country in a Love Bug pulling a trusty DDR trailer. The above picture was not taken in Iran. The photo was taken in what is locally known as “poison canyon,” due to the brackish taste of the water which seldom flows through the desert canyon. Herbie is posed here in front of The Trona Fish Rocks, which were first painted sometime in the late 1930’s. The Fish Rocks may be observed usually in the early mornings when they rise out of the sand looking for worms. To find the Fish Rocks, you must take Highway 178 east from either Highway 395 or Highway 14 in Ridgecrest, CA. You will see them on the left as you exit poison canyon, a couple of miles before the turn off for the Trona Pinnacles.

Herbie spent a couple of weeks at the Burroughs High School auto shop facility having the engine nearly rebuilt by Domi and Randy Hannah, the auto shop teacher. That’s Domi on the left and Randy on the right during a crucial time in the repairs. At one time, Domi and Randy feared that Domi would have to buy a completely new remanufactured engine to replace the one in Herbie.


Randy grinding down a bolt or piston rod or maybe one of Domi’s fingers to put in the engine.

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